Halloween Giveaway & Coffin Hop


Ah, Halloween, how I love you so. Ghosts and ghouls free to roam the dark streets for a night, to remind us how it feels to be alive. The brisk windgusts and fallen leaves twirling at our capes as we hunt. There’s candy, of course. And other traditions as well: Nightmare before Christmas playing in loop, pumpkin everything, reading spooky stories by candlelight… and the COFFIN HOP!!

Axel Howerton’s brainchild to unite horror writers for a week has grown over the years, and the prizes get even more awesome! Here’s the link to all the amazing participants – there’s giveaways, books and gore at every stop!!

DSCF5244My rules are very simple: fill the form below to win paperbacks of Girls & Monsters and Hunter’s Trap, and a Skellie (either be a vampire, a zombie or a spider), but you have to either follow this blog, follow me on twitter or follow my facebook page – your name or alias will suffice, as proof. And if you want to tell me your best Halloween secret, it’ll  make me a happy girl♥ The contest ends on Halloween night, at midnight, and the lucky winner’s name will be drawn in a hat the next morning.

Good luck, and don’t forget that Hunter’s Trap is on sale at 0.99$ for a very limited time!!


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