Hunter’s Trap

“The ghost story was by far amazing! So many twist and turns within this ghost’s mind, in other words as cabin fever. (…)Throughout Hunter’s Trap, with the great depth in details, you feel as if you’re trapped with the boys too. You feel every emotion and when someone or something attacks one of the characters, well you surely feel that too! Goosebumps will be rising on your skin!”
Ashley, Paranormal Sisters

‘”Hunter’s Trap” was truly horrifying; the evil that humans do and that their ghosts are capable of doing is disturbing and was all too realistic. Michaud looks at the choices we make and their consequences; there are always ripples.”
Bea, Bea’s Book Nook

“Hunter’s Trap takes a sharp turn from the mundane to the terrifying in the space of a couple pages and the layers of the supernatural descend upon the story like a heavy mist that blocks out all natural light and makes everything within it alien and dangerous. That is Hunter’s Trap.”
Josef Hernandez,

“To the reader who craves a good ghost story that has an visceral feel – an intimate exploration surrounded by the frigid winds of death and isolation: not just a spelunk into caverns haunted by apparitions and wraiths, but of the memories they impress amongst the living – this might be worth a read. The tale is entrenching and rich and the details are plentiful — the story as a whole, both strong and enchanting.”
 Matt Molgaard, Horror Novel Reviews


Girls & Monsters

“Anne Michaud explores many classic themes in horror but with her own twist. She has a fresh and unique vision that makes these stories  shine.” 
Josef Hernandez,

“There are some books you want to make last that little bit longer. This is one of them.”
Michelle Birbeck, Short, Sweet and Snappy

“What I will mostly remember from this collection is the way the spectacular monster stories are told with a realistic touch. Michaud writes well about the human psychology and in my opinion this gives the stories that extra creepy factor.” 
Magrét Helgadòttir, Future Fire

“I applaud Anne Michaud’s vivid imagination and well written stories. It takes a certain skill to be able to put in paper such a colorful invention of evil characters to complement a series of strong and determined young women.”   
Nina Gomez, Indie Bookshelf

“Each novelette is something you can really sink your teeth into. They are all fast-paced page-turners.”
Keren, Gothic Angel Book Reviews

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