Cursing at the Sky, Girls & Ghosts 1

I love fall. The crisp air, the tragic skies, the dying nature showing its best colors beofre crumbling to the ground… It makes me want to read a good ghost story, something to sink my teeth into. Wait, what? I’m not alone?! You good folks love to read chills and spooks as another season changes? Well, have I got something for you: the first of the Girls & Ghosts novellas, Cursing at the Sky♥

Cursing at the SkyBefore the accident and the wheelchair, there were the echoes.

Drug abuse and alcohol are part of Ina’s life; just like the ghosts that haunt her nights. She draws their faces on her bedroom wall, hope this will quiet the echoes of their whispers.

Until the night a car accident changes her life forever.

Now sober and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life, Ina’s nights are still filled with haunting whispers as the ghosts beg her for help. Desperate for peace, she contemplates returning to the only way she knows to silence them, but her family take their own desperate measures and have her locked away.

Ina must learn what the spirits truly want, or be haunted by their echoes for the rest of her life.

Cursing at the Sky comes out NOVEMBER 18th, but will be available for PREORDERS

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