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Hunter’s Trap Giveaway and Some Important News…

Hunter's trap-FINAL FRONT

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It’s almost time for Hunter’s Trap’s launch (September 9th, don’t forget) and I wanted to share the excitement, so here’s the link to a Goodreads giveaway with 3 chances to win a paperback of my latest YA horror story. The contest ends on October 10th and is opened to participants living in Canada, the United States and the UK.

Other news worthy of your calendar:  the first of my novella series Girls & Ghosts is to be released in November, date TBA. What a thrill not only because I explore creepy, ghostly worlds again, but these stories feature strong heroines with a purpose other than romance.

And so far, Killer Girls should hit the virtual shelves mid-February…

Stay spooked, folks♥



Halloween + Coffin Hop = Girls & Monsters Giveaway♥


It’s no secret: autumn is my favorite time of year, especially because of Mother Nature lashing out her brightest colors before killing everything for winter. And then there’s Halloween, the celebration of the Dead and the Un-Dead. So pretty the skulls and spiders adorning the neighborhood, the pumpkin grins and the skeleton dances, so inspiring for future stories to come.

And so I want to spread the dark joy of scaring people, of making people squeal in disgust and hide in fright by giving away a signed copy of my collection of dark tales for young adult, Girls & Monsters, as well as The Monsters Collection of Skellies. Of course, I won’t be celebrating alone, so please visit my fellow Coffin Hoppers blogs and websites for other scares and goodies by clicking the sexy zombies, up above.

Coffinhopgiveaway*Girls & Monsters Giveaway*

1st prize winner gets a signed copy of Girls & Monsters plus The Monsters Collection of Skellies, made by moi.

2nd prize winner gets a digital copy of Death By Drive-In, an anthology featuring short stories written by 24 horror authors/Coffin Hoppers.

To participate, click here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Beginning on Octobre 24th and ending on Halloween at Midnight (east), the contest is international, the winners will be picked by, and the prizes shipped the next day. Good luck♥

The Lucky Ones, a podcast

COH_006 This is a first for me, having one of my stories told by someone else’s voice. Goldeen Ogawa did a fantastic job reading Jory’s journey through the City of Hell, where the dead are the lucky ones.

Click here for The Lucky Ones podcast

Fair warning: some people found it quite disturbing and advised NOT eating while listening, so beware…

Chatting with… Brown, the border collie


I’ve been very lucky meeting great friends over the internets, and Julie Campbell is one of them. A truly unique writer, her latest books are about a ghosts hunter who’s also a dog – how cute is that?! So here’s my interview with Brown, ghosts hunter and border collie extraordinaire ♥



Hey there, boy! *scratches the ears*

Anne, thank you so much for having me here today. I’ve never been interviewed before. It’s almost like I’m famous. Elliott, that’s my human, says dogs can be famous. Wouldn’t that be neat if I were famous too? Thank you for taking the time to help tell people about my ghost adventures.

Why did you choose Elliott: was it destiny that lead you to him or did you know he was a good human at first glance?

I could tell by the way the baby lambs responded to him. They were never afraid of him which made me curious, so I started working with him and decided to make him my own human. Fortunately, the farm owner saw how much I liked him and allowed Elliott to take me with him when he moved away.

Aren’t you ever scared your human will get into so much trouble you two might be separated? And what would you do, if it happened?

We’ve been separated twice and it was the most awful thing both times. Once I thought he was dead because a monster took him and hid him in a cave. I had to defeat the monster, it was a sand dragon, to get him back. The other time he got abducted by Martians… boy were they messing with the wrong dog. I had help, but we got him back and told the Martians a thing or two. I’m more afraid of losing Elliott than I am of ghosts, that’s for sure.

Have you ever seen a dog-ghost and if so, what did you do?

I’ve never seen a dog ghost, but I hope if I ever meet one it’s a nice ghost. I’d hate to have to banish it too. I talked to a ghost once, strange, I know, and it told me that ghosts are spirits that couldn’t leave for whatever reason, and most ghosts are nasty. I can’t imagine a dog wanting to stay around and be mean all the time. Maybe to guard their people?

kira_brown1How long do you plan to hunt ghosts? Are you thinking of retiring soon?

Retire? What’s that? Do you mean stopping working? Why would anyone want to stop working? I get bored when I don’t have something to do, and hunting ghosts is the best, well, besides herding sheep. I’ll hunt ghosts as long as Elliott wants too, which will hopefully be forever.

What’s worst: ghosts or cats?

Squirrels. *Doggy grin* Cats though, definitely cats. I can hunt ghosts and banish them… I have to leave cats alone, and that’s no fun. They’re so arrogant, like they could hunt ghosts better than I can. I’ve never even seen one try.

How old were you when you noticed or interacted with your first ghost?

Umm, I’m not so good with years but it was after we moved out west. Elliott and I were partners for a long time before we finally saw a real ghost.

Favorite Treat?


What’s more annoying? A dead ghost cat or a live one?

I’ve never met a ghost cat, but I can’t imagine they are any better than live ones, except maybe I’ll be able to chase a ghost cat. Live ones since I can’t chase them.

What do you like to do when you’re not chasing ghosts?

Herd sheep or cows. It’s the best life.

What was the worst ghost you ever had to chase?

The ghost in the saloon was the worst so far. It turned into two ghosts and tried to hurt all of us.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever smelled or the best thing?

The worst thing would be Squirrels, or maybe skunks. The best thing….fresh cow pies.

What do ghosts taste like?

Sort of like they smell, musty and old.

Can other dogs be trained to see ghosts?

Sure. I’ve met several that have helped me hunt ghosts before.

Where did you learn your trade?

Elliott says I’m a natural. I learned sheep herding on the farm and it seems to work on ghosts too.

Detective Katherine Pig wants to know. “What do you find to be the best way to locate a wayward Ghost?”

Follow the sounds of screaming people. They are really afraid of ghosts.

Brown’s Blog Tour Schedule:
Intro – June 11th – J. A. Campbell
Part 1- June 12th – Sam Knight
Part 2 – June 13th – Bea’s Book Nook
Part 3 – June 14th – Amaleen Ison
Part 4 – June 15th – Jen Wylie 
Part 5 – June 16th – David Riley 
Interview with Brown – June 17th – Anne Michaud

The Brown Contest:
Follow the link to enter a contest to win a copy of Science Fiction Trails 10 in which Brown battles Martians. US only I’ll send the winner a signed copy, the rest of the world, you have to take an unsigned copy, sorry. You gotta be willing to give me your address though. Alternately the winner can chose a Kindle copy. Contest runs from June 11th through June 30th. I’ll pick three winners.
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Brown – Brown is a Border Collie who hunts ghosts, and other things as it turns out, with her human, Elliott Gyles. You can find out more about her adventures here:

Julie’s Facebook

Julie’s Twitter

Girls & Ghosts, an inspiration

Here’s one of my not-so-secret secrets:
I have tons of journals filled with ideas and a bunch of half-written
stories dispersed in my computer. Oh no sir, I’m not the type of
writer who leaves projects unfinished, but it happens that after
starting a plot, its complexity or direction isn’t working for me. So
I let go more than abandon, because one day, I’ll come back to it –
and I always do.

Not this time, folks. Only fresh ideas
for this new collection of ghostly stories where girls confront their
deepest fears… and I’m actually scared. Of course I’ve been
thinking about this project for a while, so ideas are slowly growing
into creepy plots, but there’s nothing already written on my plate
like my past collections of novellas, and it makes me jittery.

So what is a girl to do? I’m trying to
grasp as much information as I can, about things we don’t fully
understand with the little evidence out there. Like a junkie, I’m
watching all these ghost hunters shows where people go willingly to
haunted places to poke at spirits and gather EVPs, images of shadow
figures and responsive communication – if any. Sceptic or not, it’s
beginning to form in my mind: girls who are scared, girls who don’t
believe, girls who are trying to help, girls who see dead people, and
girls who won’t confront the truth. And very slowly, they tell me
their stories and how they deal with the fact that in the end we all
die, and that we might become ghosts ourselves.
And then some miracle happens and someone captures such inspiring pictures,
I completely lost my breath – and I’m still trying to catch it. Neil Gaiman posted this
abandoned amusement park on Tumblr

Haunted, much? Seriously, look at the
fog and the plants invading the structures – you can almost hear
the screams of glee as the roller coaster rides down the rusty rails.
But it’s only an echo, because like many other places in New Orleans,
it never got over the catastrophic disaster and it’s slowly dying
after being deserted and forgotten.
I can’t forget, though – a bit like those ghosts who can’t let go of what
they knew and who they loved and how they used to be. So that will be
my inspiration, an homage to
people who are gone, places that are falling apart, and things we
used to believe in.

Wish me luck? I need it, embarking on this Girls & Ghosts quest to give a voice to those who don’t have any. One thing for sure: dark it will be, I
Want an autographed softcover of Girls & Monsters? Giveaway ends June 28th, don’t miss out ♥

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Girls & Monsters Blog Tour – Week 1


Come on over and visit these wonderful blogs where you’ll discover something new about me, my book, and everything in between…

Monday, 25th of March: Laura Diamond

Tuesday, 26th of March: Jay Birch

Wednesday, 27th of March: Julianne Snow

Thursday, 28th of March: Imran Siddiq

Friday, 29th of March: Angela Addams

Saturday, 30th of March: Laura Howard

The Monster Collection SkelliesWanna win a Girls & Monsters softcover with The Monster Collection Skellies of 5 pieces, handcrafted by me? Click here and fill up the form. The winner will be announced on release day, April the 30th at 9pm (east) during my LIVE CHAT at Darkfuse!

See you there ♥

Girls & Monsters Blog Tour & Skellies


Dear reader, the time is *almost* upon us for the Girls & Monsters Blog Tour ♥ Starting on March the 25th and ending on April 30th on releaseday, I’ll be visiting 28 blogs. At each stop, not only will you discover something new about the stories and/or me, but also about my wonderfully generous hosts ranging from reviewers, authors, bloggers, YA and horror fans all alike.

photo 5To celebrate my debut collection of novelettes, I have been hard at work on a special Skellies set representing each monsters of the stories. Handmade in felt, *you* dear reader, have the chance to own your very own killer mermaid, heartless neighbor, bone to tame your own Black Dog, Bunny the spider and a bone-broken zombie. The contest will run during the tour with chances to win Girls & Monsters softcovers as well.

Now, if you just cannot wait for the release day to get your very own copy, there’s always the Goodreads giveaway with an extravageant 10 chances to win ♥

Chatting with… AJ Brown

Southern BonesAnother great horror author has launched a collection of short stories recently, and I happen to virtually know this guy: AJ Brown worked on the copyedits of Tattered Souls volume 2, in which Misery of Me was published 🙂 So I decided to ask a question on each of the different stories you can find in SOUTHERN BONES. Enjoy ♥

The first story made me go back years, when I used to visit Chincoteague Island with my parents to see the wild horses…what inspired you to write this story?

AJB: Many people have said they thought Wild Horses iss based off the song of the same name by U2.  Let me go ahead and clarify, it isn’t.  Though I love U2, this story is based on a field along Highway 378 here in South Carolina.   There were wooden fence posts that held up the old style metal fence that we often see in rural areas all over the world.  There were trees opposite the road and in that vast field that stretched left to right (and vice versa if you drove the opposite direction).

One evening on the way home from work, I saw a horse running loose in the field.  It caught my attention to the point of me pulling onto the highway shoulder and just sitting there watching this beautiful creature gallop and trot about without a care in the world. Later that night I sat with pen and paper and out flowed the story of Prince, the king of the Wild Horses.

Unfortunately, that field is no longer there, and niether is the horse (it has since been turned into a well-to-do neighborhood–oh the sins of progress).

If you had a star to wish upon, what would it change in your life?

AJB: I would wish to be smarter.  No, seriously.  Nothing has ever come easy for me.  In school—and even now when I take classes for work—I would spend hours studying and would end up with a low C.  I have to really concentrate when trying to learn or I won’t retain it.  It’s the one area where I, admittedly, am jealous of my older brother.  He can hear or read something once and never forget it.  He can look at something for a minute or two and know how to fix it. He is probably the smartest person I’ve ever met.  I would love to have just a tenth of his intelligence.

I’m an atheist, so I never understand the devotion people have to religion – but if you had written your own bible, what would be its first rule?

AJB: That’s a good question.  I can honestly say, I would probably go with something along the lines of the Golden Rule. Love one another, to love your neighbors as you would yourself.  Yeah, I know it sounds like a cop out answer, but that would probably be my first rule.

Ugh, I used to have a neighbour that was just as annoying, but in a more creepy way – that man scared everyone in the neighbourhood…who inspired you to write about the woman in the red stucco house?

AJB: The Red Stucco House wasn’t inspired by a person.  I had been walking down the hall at work one day and the first line–or at least the first four words–popped into my head.  “She loved that house…”  It’s not a profound thought, or really anything that would make most people think twice.  But, you know yourself, as a writer, anything is fodder for a story.  I chewed on the thought for a while, asking why she loved that house so much.  In my head I could see a game show host like Bob Barker walking around with the Barker Girls pointing out all the different reasons she loved the house.  I took Barker out of the equation and focused on the materialistic aspects and the story just kind of wrote itself.

There’s something utterly scary about extreme weather, as events throughout recent years have proven – have you ever survived a tornado, flood, etc?

AJB: The closest I’ve come to a major storm or weather event was Hurricane Hugo back when I was in my very early twenties.  It tore up Charleston and much of the coast and even did significant damage in the little town I lived in at the time, but nothing like the damage seen from Hurricane Sandy or Andrew or Katrina.  In South Carolina, most of the really bad storms seem to skirt by us.  Every once in a while, though…

It’s always so comforting to have strangers to be the bad guys, but I’ve noticed you take a lot of family as center stage of your horror…care to explain why horror is always more scary when it hits close to home?

AJB: It’s easy to be afraid of strangers.  You see someone walking down the street that may be a little shady in appearance and you cross the street hoping he doesn’t cross as well.  You’re mindful of the neighborhood you just drove into because the houses may be a little dilapidated and there are people sitting in rickety chairs out on the lawn, smoking and just kind of looking rough, wearing old clothes with holes in them and they may or may not be dirty.  It’s easy to see someone with a scowl on their face and have that nervous edge surface along your skin.  It’s just easier to be afraid of folks you don’t know.

People tend to trust family and friends, they tend to let their guard down and even overlook some quirks that they would find disturbing–or at the very least uncomfortable–in other people.  Most people can’t imagine a loved one hurting them or someone they know.  They can’t imagine a spouse would try to kill them, or that their kids could become horrible monsters.  Do you think Ted Bundy’s parents thought he would end up being a serial killer?

There’s an old saying, hold your friends close, hold your enemies closer.  Even that little proverb suggests that the people that could harm you the most are not the people you love, but enemies or strangers for that matter.

Let me pose the question back to you and the readers out there:  Which would be more disconcerting to you, a stranger who kills a child or a mother who kills her child?  They are both horrible in their own right, but the mother who kills her own child would be far worse, in my opinion, than a stranger killing a child.  The mother with her unconditional love or the stranger with no feelings at all toward the child?  To me, the most horrific events happen within the family–and often those things are covered up by other family members, which makes it that much worse.

AJBrownA.J. Brown is a kook. It’s true.  Ask him.

A.J. Brown is also a storyteller who dabbles in some of the darker words in writing.  He is a southern gentleman who enjoys strawberry Kool-aid, Legos and The Walking Dead.  Oh wait, did we say southern gentleman?  Who are we kidding?  He may be southern, but a gentleman?  Nah. He’s a country boy from a redneck family.  The southern accent is real. His new collection, Southern Bones, can be found online and in print format.  Check it out. You won’t be sorry.

The links! The links!
Southern Bones on Amazon or in print
AJ’s blog
AJ’s  facebook