So now what?

keepcalmIt’s been a crazay year so far with Girls & Monsters coming out, the extensive blog tour and the begging and pleading for reviews… so now what? I’ve been working on Girls & Aliens (a soft sci-fi collection of very dark YA novellas) and I’m planning my novel Killer Girl (a creeptastic thriller for YA), but now that the book is launched, doing nothing about promotion leaves me empty…

So I’ll be doing another blog tour. *throws confetti in the air* *pops open champagne bottle* *swallows two Xanax*

Insane? Indeed. This time, reviews and/or interviews only, and an autographed softcover giveaway thrown into the mix. Keep your eyes opened for the schedule, coming out next week!

Wait, what is that you’re saying? You want to buy Girls & Monsters?? Go here. Wait, no, I misunderstood, you want to be part of the tour? Tweet me @annecmichaud and we’ll arrange a little something-something.

Keep spook ♥

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