Girls & Monsters, the Release Party !!


Well, the time has come for my dark young adult novella collection to come out – are you guys ready? I sure am, after this crazy 5 weeks blog tour, the interview questions and guest posts, the pimping and exposure… At last, my girls and my monsters are unleashed. So this week, only two stops:

Monday, April 29th I am a Reader Not a Writer

Tuesday, April 30th, 9 PM (east) DARKFUSE LIVE CHAT

The Monster Collection SkelliesYou good people still have a few hours left to try to snag my international giveaway of a Girls & Monsters softcover and The Monster Collection of Skellies, including 5 pieces handcrafted by moi. The winner will be drawn randomly and announced during the live chat on Tuesday night  – come fun, come all!!

Girls & Monsters is on sale on AMAZON

I would like to thank to all the bloggers, reviewers, writers and friends who participated to my blog tour – this has been exhausting but so much fun ♥

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