Melancholy of Souls is OUT!!

There’s almost nothing like the rush of pressing PUBLISH on a new title – it comes this close to THE END, for me. Especially when a story turns out exactly like I want, with the voice it needs, and the message it has to share. My stories are never easy, and this one is not different.

luxuryThis is Melancholy of Souls, the second in the Girls & Ghosts novella collection. It’s about fighting for what’s right, how to keep love and the memories alive, and what to do once you reach the end of the road.

I wish it was different, but this is how I see the future: people will find a way to use ghosts even more than they are now (you know those shows? yeah, I’m talking about them: all evidence and no help) and that at some point, someone will be able to trap the essence of someone into a jar to test on it (all in the name of science, right? ugh).

So Melancholy of Souls is about what happens when the dead cannot rest in peace, and only a girl and her father do everything they can to save the soul of a loved one.



You know what they say, right? Leave a review, save an indie author!!

Stay spooked, peeps:)



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