Melancholy of Souls Cover Reveal… just not yet

Well, 2015 is sure starting with a bang: I’ve begun writing a 10-book series called Whispered Echoes and another Girls & Ghosts novella is *almost* ready to come out! Second story from the collection, Melancholy of Souls will be available on February 3rd, but for those of you who can’t wait…

imagesDad says we have to do everything to save Mom’s soul, but I’m scared the price will be too high.

Soul Catchers scour the land looking for ghosts to sell on the black market. Amusement parks, mediums, haunted houses and religious cults will pay good money for them, especially when fresh and new. I never really cared about what they did until Mom died and one of those assholes snapped her up. Just this bright light shooting at her soul…

Now Dad’s mind is set on finding her on the lost souls trafficking circuit, but with each step we take death is only getting closer.

Interested in participating to the COVER REVEAL BLOGTOUR?? Here’s where to sign up:)

Stay spooked, peeps.

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