Halloween Withdrawal: Coffin Hop Winners

I had a blast hopping from one blog to the next, participating to great contests and making my own. And then, after the trick and treating, comes the post sugar-rush: picking winners.

You ALL did such a great job, I found myself having a *slight* panic attack as to choose 3 stories that chilled my bones, since they all did. You guys are utterly original, unique, talented writers, and I feel honored you participated to my contest.



I’m standing here. And the rain falls. Gathers in puddles huge enough to drown a house. Swallow it whole. My hair, my clothes, plastered down like they’re glued to me. There’s a hollow ring as the downpour clatters across the top of a corrugated roof. Sounds like gunfire. Like the end of the world.

Lights pierce the shroud of rainfall. They watch me, giant yellow eyes. I hear tyres on gravel, crunching loud as the shatter of bones, and we’re illuminated. The door flies open, Gina stumbles out, mouth wide as a puddle. She runs to me, falls to her knees, arms out. And I hear myself shouting.

‘I tried to make her look right. I tried to fix her. But she wouldn’t stick together.’


Clowns Don’t Really Smile

Our slack jaws
And wait for you to
Accidentally make eye contact…


There’s a house like any other house, except for the bear skull hanging above the front door, and the knocker resembling a giant skinned knuckle.

On Halloween we’d skip this house, but one year a pack of us ran to the door. Buck, bolstered by his Superman costume, rang the bell. It sounded like a hornet swarm. I froze. The others ran off.

She’s clever, Mrs. Shyer. Made a wreath out of me. Used paint and shoe polish so my bones look fake. I hang outside year-round now. Sometimes at Christmas she puts a red bell between my teeth.

***A SPECIAL MENTION to JANICE NEWTON and her creepy three entries***

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