Whispered Echoes Cover Reveal

This project started as a young adult thriller two years ago, after a vivid nightmare stayed with me for months. So I drafted the story but realized something was missing: ghosts! Then, genres switched until it felt just right in my author’s heart, so here I present Whispered Echoes, the first book of an urban fantasy series coming out April 24th, 2015!!

After years of being haunted by her sister’s ghost, Alyx must choose between saving her friends or keeping the only family she loves.


Alyx lost everything in the fire, her family, her home, her freedom, but she discovered something, too: something lurking in the darkness. To protect her from harm, the ghost of her dead sister haunts the walls of the mental institution holding Alyx captive for the last 9 years. But even she can’t help when patients suddenly act possessed and turn against Alyx, who must find the strength and knowledge to rid them of evil and save their lives.

After a narrow escape from the institution, Transcend welcomes Alyx in with opened arms since she’s the daughter of a former star agent; her mother. They hope to teach her ghost seer abilities to help them keep the leaders of the world in check and give her a normal life. With her friends and newly acquired knowledge, Alyx prepares to battle against evil, but when facing her greatest enemy yet, everything she knows might not be enough to save the people she loves. No matter what her choices, the consequences will be paid in blood – maybe her own.

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