Comparing Goth Notes with Angela Addams

My friend and Gothsis Angela Addams got a great idea: we exchange notes on what we loved/hated growing up being goth. Here’s the second part, the first being posted on her blog.


The Trent I'm trying to forget

Angie: This band changed my life!!! I remember the first time I ever heard a NIN song. My cousin tossed a cassette tape (yes, it was that long ago) at me and said, “I think you’d better listen to this, I don’t expect I’ll get that tape back once you do.” And she was right…the album was Broken and I listened to it until the tape actually broke! Wish and Gave up, in particular, were two songs that I couldn’t get enough of…and I’ve never been disappointed in concert because Trent Reznor always plays them for me 😉 By far my favorite band! I’ve got a ton of NIN stories…in fact, I think I’ll write up a separate post about them!

The Trent I'd like to Goth up good

Anne: I discovered them through a friend, too, but I hardly remember who or where we were. What I can’t forget is when my friend Christopher dragged me to their concert at the Astoria in London, 2005. I pictured Trent Reznor sick and dying from too much rock and roll – circa 1995 – but then this beefed up dude with arms like trees came out and I couldn’t believe my eyes: Le Trent lives! And yum, I’d goth him up real good in an alternate universe, one in which his wife wasn’t some sex kitten and he didn’t have a kid. SO HAPPY he chose to live instead of, you know…


Angie: Okay, I couldn’t resist…sorry Anne…although it seems like some kind of prerequisite for all goths to LOVE Robert Smith and The Cure…I just couldn’t get into it…mainly because a bunch of people told me I HAD to like them…Angie’s instant reaction to being told what to do…full stop, brakes on, arms crossed, don’t tell me what to do stance…so, I’ve never been a fan.  So much so that when I finally relented and decided to give them a try…paid a crapload of money for a ticket and went to see them in concert…I fell asleep in my seat…WORST.CONCERT.EVER

Seriously, can I have a piece of him?

Anne: My husband, my lover, my imaginary boy! You know, I’ve been defending Mr Smith & Co for so long – 25 years, actually – when people call them out for wearing badly-applied makeup and for singing happy songs, that…I won’t stop now! HOW can you say that, Angie? He’s a genius, a rock star, an unbelievable composer, an artist, a poet, my heart & soul! Then again, you do like Marilyn Manson, so we can’t all have good taste, huh?


Angie: I was a little late to the Jack and Sally party…I missed the movie in the theaters…well, actually, I once again, pulled a classic Angie and skipped it cause I hated all the hype and can’t stand to be told what I’ll just love…trust me, worst mistake ever…since then though, I think I’ve watched the movie at least 200 times, I know all the songs off by heart (even had part of one play as my wedding song) and have an obscene collection of movie stuff…AND I have Jack tattooed on my leg!

Love conquers death and the Oogie Boogie

Anne: I went to see it four or five times at the cinema, a thousand years ago. I just couldn’t get the songs out of my head, and that love story was exactly the kind I like: with skeletons, spiders and heartbreak. I watch it 3 or 4 times each year, can’t help tearing up as they meet up at the end – aw, and that twirly hill just kills me. And yeah, I’ve accumulated loads of Burton crap throughout the years, but I call it my prized collection, which proves everything is relative, I guess.

So there you go, you know a little bit more about the two gals who brought you The Minion of Misery Award:)

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33 responses to “Comparing Goth Notes with Angela Addams

  • Angela Addams

    This was fun, Anne!
    I know what you mean about the ending of Nightmare…so romantic 🙂

  • Gareth

    LOL, Wish I’d been in this discussion. Could have had loads of fun sending you to see Fields of the Nephilim and whilst a lot of people don’t think he’s gothy I like the pithiness of Morrisey.

  • T. James

    I had a bootleg Cure tape when I was a teenager. I wore an earring, and big boots, and I have a tribal flash tattoo on my right shoulder. I like a couple of NIN songs, but never enough to buy a CD. I do not find either Trent Reznor, or Robert Smith remotely attractive. I have never seen Jack and Sally, but I have seen A Nightmare Before Christmas, and Beetlejuice.

    When I saw Morrisey on Top Of the Pops, with a tree sticking out of his bottom, young and impressionable as I was, I still thought he looked like a pillock.

    I have no intrinsic objections to either black; or dark red, green and purple.

    I can, perhaps, with an 80% accuracy, identify something as Gothic. Yet, I am not a Goth. I think it is something in the genes, something outside of environmental conditioning. There is, in fact, absolutely NO doubt you are both congenitally Gothic. 😉

  • dannigrrl

    I love these back-and-forth posts you guys do. I’m a fan of all three things, but nothing hard-core. My daughter however is obsessed with Jack. She has notebooks and jewelry and stickers and books and awesome beanie. For Christmas she’s getting a Jack & Sally t-shirt and necklace (which she’ll hang from her backpack).

  • Krista Walsh (@krista_walsh)

    A conclusion worthy of its beginning. So relieved Burton was mentioned some point along the way. Cannot get enough of his monochromatic genius.

  • Pat Hollett

    Anne, I don’t know many good looking men that you’re ‘not married to’ but that’s another blog for another day, I guess. This was absolutely fun to read about both of you and your likes and dislikes (very few of course), and how you seem in sinc about music and goth guys. Great dialogue, good post, very enjoyable! Thanks for sharing this! : ) *smiles*

  • Heidi/Akeyla

    NIN- same thing as Anne, I imagine, I was told I had to love them so didn’t until my early twenties. Sadly the only chance I had to see Trent sing ended up with me on a plane instead. I’ve regretted that trip a lot! Trent would’ve been so much better.
    Robert – Nope, I was never a Cure fan either. I don’t mind them but have never bought a cd or would.
    Jack – I liked the movie but not as much as you did, obviously. But I still own it and watch it once a year or so, still like Burton’s films though.

    Great post!


    Not a goth fan per say, but I do seem to aquire them as friends. 😉 Really enjoyed your posts ladies, all dark on the outside, and bright white on the inside.

  • Rachel

    I love NIN – so many of my scenes in my novels have been written to their music. Cure, not so much. LOVE Nightmare Before Christmas. In fact every year before Christmas I have a “Nightmare Before Christmas” party. I love it because I get to leave all my Halloween decorations up and just mix it with Christmas stuff. It’s perfect. My kids may grow up a little weird, but I’m willing to take the chance. Great post!

    FYI – Your necklace is on the way. 🙂


  • BeaCharmed (@BeasBookNook)

    Heh, I am so not a goth and I don’t expect I ever will be but I love listening to you all chat about it. It’s always interesting. 🙂

  • Jason Darrick

    I love everything you two have said. NIN was my soundtrack from about ’93 onward. Of course I picked up the earlier stuff and still proudly have an original pressing of Pretty Hate Machine.

    Got into The Cure much later than I should have, but I happily learned the error of my ways. 🙂

    Nightmare is a couples movie, in my opinion, so I don’t watch it much these days.

  • Marianne Su

    Love NIN. Early the cure, yes…but they became a little poppy for me. I side on Angie on the Marilyn Manson issue, though. Love MM.

    Thanks for the all things goth fun, girls. And just when I thought I was getting too old for black nail colour…not!

  • BigBear85

    I swear you guys just sound like use nerd but in black lol…me and jack go way back, I am surprised Edward scissor hands wasn’t on here or even beetle juice?

  • Ren Warom

    Where on earth are the Sisters of Mercy in all this, or Bauhaus? Tut tut.

    My elements of Gothness are rooted in the love of these bands, NIN and The Cure too… and so many more (Type O Negative anyone?). But I did not dig ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ until it became my daughter’s fave movie and I think ‘The Corpse Bride’ beats it hands down.

    My Goth movie of the century – ‘The Hunger’ – it rocks the ever loving hell out of the whole Vamp thing and the 17th Century flashbacks are pure sublime heaven.

    Oh and… Reznor? Edible. Mind you, so’s his wife.

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