Impressions of China: Details

With everything so big—the buildings, the streets, the crowds—it’d be easy to forget what Beijing is, the city’s essence. In my writing as in my life, I believe it’s the little details that count, and once again, I was proven right.


I collect antiques, so when I saw these red doors with the peeling paint and old wood, I felt right at home. Those knobs are so pretty, many reproductions are sold in markets and souvenir shops – I should’ve brought my screwdriver.


That is one thing French-Canadians haven’t realized, yet: old houses are worth restoring to give them new life. Most of the old hutongs in the Forbidden City are being renovated, and they’re doing a fine job.


I was amazed by the stone carving found on the Emperor’s stairs at the Imperial Palace, and then near a hotel on the side of a business, a pretty medallion.


But details mean nothing when you know the amount of information China hides from its people, the number of people being thrown out of their homes to build new condos, and the size of the revolution that is bound to happen, sooner or later. And I can’t help but think it’ll reach us all the way to the other side of the world, changing us just the same.


*** The winner for the City of Hell giveaway are: DIGITAL DAME & LEONARD WHITE. Congrats you two, and thanks for everyone who participated♥***

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