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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved good quality paper, and certainly a good journal. Thick but not heavy, long but not wide, a hard-cover without too much glitz. I can spend hours looking, touching, sniffing journals in a bookstore, and if I really want to treat myself, I make a detour to L’Essence du Papier

My journals through the years

There’s a certain excitement when I find a good journal: it’s the possibilities. Maybe my next book will be written on these pages * Maybe these pages will be inked with my next big project * Maybe this new story will change my life. And this goes through my head every time I start a new one…

The uncompromising list of characters for Wild Swan

I keep one by my bed – since most of my problems are solved at night, between the click of the light and the beginning of my dreams – one in the bathroom – because my best ideas come in the shower – one in my handbag – for flashes that begin from a conversation heard in a coffee shop, bookstore, ladies room. Oh, and there’s my main journal, the one I always have handy in my office, by the computer, for story development and outlining.

Misery of Me flashes, since published in Tattered Souls 2

It often starts with a scene between characters, a glimpse of a futuristic world, a dream that leaves a lasting impression. And anything can spark the flame: a melody heard on the radio, an art piece on a wall, the way the sun’s rays hit the color of my antique trunk…This is what I love about creating worlds and people: anything can happen.


Happy writing, and don’t forget to visit my fellow Scribbles Blog Hoppers:

Pocket-size & pretty ♥

**In honor of the first Scribbles Blog Hop, I’m giving away this small and practical dark blue/white journal to anyone who leaves a comment & subscribes to my blog. I’ll draw one lucky winner on Monday the 14th of November, noon-ish.**

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23 responses to “Scribbles Blog Hop

  • Samantha Young

    I’m very particular about my journals too! I love a good quality journal and I’m obsessed with PaperBlanks journals over here in the UK. I don’t know if you guys have PaperBlanks? Anyhoo, I understand the journal fetish 🙂

    • Anne Michaud

      No, we don’t have them over here, but now I *need* to see what they’re aboot! I also have a favorite: plain black hardcover w white paper, aka the cheapest, the best. But Sam, I do love me a good Moleskine…*sigh*

  • Ren Warom

    Your handwriting is SO not worse than mine! 😛

    Honestly, if I don’t concentrate a line of my handwriting looks like a bloody heart monitor line for an infarction, all flat lines and random gatherings of spikes. Dreadful.

    I see we have a similar approach to working with notebooks/journals. Like paper sounding-boards.

    These Scribbles posts are cool. So interesting to see a little bit of other writer’s technique 🙂

    Thanks for thinking of me for this!

  • Marianne Su

    Such a great idea for a blog hop. Journals are personal and tangible. It’s different from writing on a keyboard, the words are yours in a different way when scribbled on paper. Loved seeing your journals, Anne.


    Loved this idea, great fun. And I enjoyed your post so much. 🙂

  • diannewaye

    Nice to see that giant stack of journals. I’m not so much about the paper – it’s more about the pen for me. I’ll take notes on anything handy – even cocktail napkins or receipts – but it’s all about that smooth flow of ink crossing the expanse, like footprints in fresh-fallen snow.

  • T. James

    Sooo many journals! What do you do to keep track of work, if you end up writing thoughts in so many places? I know women can multi-task, but surely this is taking that to a whole new level?

  • Maria Kelly

    Nice journaling. And I love that you write and plan the same way I do…with lots of crossing out and rewriting until you get it just the way you want it. 🙂 I have journals all over the place as well. The three I blogged about for the hop are the ones currently in use. 🙂

  • phoenixfirewolf

    The blank pages of a journal are kind of magical and full of possibilities! Thanks for including me in the blog hop. What a great idea 🙂


  • Tony Noland

    Ha! I keep a pen and notebook by the bed, too – a spiral steno pad. Nothing fancy for those half-asleep idea explosions, just something to catch it before it fades away!

  • Gareth

    Oooohhhh, very nice. I’m going to have to take handwriting lessons as mine is worse than a drunken spider. I keep meaning to improve it but I haven’t yet had the time. I will however be buying a new caligraphy pen so that I have to learn how to write clearly and properly.

  • Digital Dame

    Ooo I love journals, I have a bunch that I haven’t even written in yet, and I’m still on the lookout for more 🙂

  • FARfetched

    Is the one by your shower waterproof?

    I’ve never picked up the habit of doing outlining or story development on paper. I use a mindmapping tool for that.

    One thing I’ve wanted to do but never forced myself to learn the habit: use the voice recorder in my otherwise crappy phone to capture ideas, plot points, and even snippets of stories. Maybe slightly safer than trying to jot down notes while driving. 😉

    This was a lot of fun to do — are we going to do it again some time?

  • Natalie Westgate

    Ahh I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets inspiration and ideas in between the light click and sleeping. I’ve been known to reach over to my mobile phone and email myself whatever thoughts pop into my head then, just to make sure I have them written down somewhere hehe.

    I’m subscribing now also 🙂 Fingers crossed for the journal to save me from post-its hehe!

  • Helen

    I liked the idea of having several journals all stored in different places ready to catch those unexpected ideas!

  • Julie Jansen

    I keep a journal near my side of the bed too and have post-its in my purse. I also have an extra notebook hidden under the “work” notebook next to the keyboard at the day job for ideas that come to me while in the cubicle 🙂

  • Krista Walsh (@krista_walsh)

    I never thought to actually LEAVE a journal in the bathroom for what I term “shower epiphanies”. I have been playing with the idea of a taperecorder though…Nice to see that your keep yourself organized is such a chaotic way 😉 Makes me feel not so alone.

    Love this idea for the blog hop!

  • Lisa Forget

    Love that you’re so prepared to jot down your wonderful ideas….everywhere!! LOL!

    If I was organized with lovely journals as you and your Scribble Hop peeps – instead of paper pulled out of the recycling box – I would have loved to join you all in this very interesting blog hop tour! What a wonderful idea.

    Maybe if I work at it, I might ask to jump in next year! 🙂

  • dannigrrl

    Great post, Anne, and excellent idea for a blog hop. We definitely have to do this again next year. I love seeing how each person uses theirs and what their favorite style of journal is.

  • Angela Addams

    Excellent post, Anne…you seem to get inspiration in so many places…I get a lot of my plot problems worked out in the shower and then am scrambling to find something to write it on…perhaps I should take a page out of your book (wink wink) and put one of my many notepads in the bathroom.

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