Epiphany (and giveaway winner)

It happens while I’m driving, taking a shower or walking – every darn time I don’t have a pen and piece of paper handy – and it always surprises me with a bucket of ideas with not enough brains to hold them all in. Oh yes, when Epiphany strikes, you better be ready cause she’s not a frequent visitor, not in my neck of the woods, anyway.

This time, it was so unexpected, I almost confused Her with the hallucinogenic side effects from standing so close to potheads in the crowd of an Arcade Fire concert. There I was, enjoying Power Out, when She hit me right in the head.

I’ve been working on this script-turned-novel for a while, now: my own version of Swan Lake, the ballet by Tchaïkovsky. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I first started taking classical ballet, and it got me into finals at screenwriting contests, but I never really LOVED it – not like I do Rebel, I never connected as much with it. So what’s wrong with it?

I’m not a fan of magic and I hate prince/princess stories, that’s what. My carefully faithful adaptation was full of it, as was my novel’s first draft – but how to change such a big part of the story? How to make it mine without taking out the humans turning into birds and the doomed love story?

Well, thanks to a combination of strong whiffs of marijuana, good music and my old gal Epiphany, I have found it. Swan Lake is about to become Wild Swan, a super-duper dark YA fantasy that deals with unrequited love, a powerful druglord, and learning to fly.

The lesson in this? It hits you when you think you’ll never find a solution and you’re sure to fail.

Congrats to Cherie who won my Tattered Souls V2 copy!!

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