Award Season Book Giveaway

Notice the pretty lace and teacup

After the journey to Versatile Blogger came the surprise of Cute Blogger and the creation of Minions of Misery—now, it’s time for the road to One Lovely Blog award. Julie Particka and Lisa Forget are both lovely blogging ladies, and have bestowed upon me this sweet (and sour) nomination.

7 things about myself and 15 lucky nominees: easy-peasy right? Wrong.

  1. I hate to divulge anything about myself, whether it’s personal or not.
  2. I have a super-duper expressive face, which means I can’t hide anything.
  3. I’m mega tall, so it’s quite hard to hide. Period.
  4. My hazel eyes are the mirror to my soul, they reflect hate and love, at the same time, on occasions.
  5. When I get nervous, my tongue gets tied and my hands fly about. Super attractive.
  6. There’s no way I can lie, so don’t even try to make me.
  7. I wish I was elegant but with my clown feet, it’s just not possible.

There, happy? Now you know who to look for in a crowd.

On a brighter note, here are my 15 Lovely Blogger Award nominees who have great blogs you *must* check out!


Samantha Young

Blaire Kensley

Robin Ashe

Michelle Birbeck

Hannah Stephenson

Cyndi Tefft

C.W. Lasart

Heather Jacobs

Kyla Holt

J Birch

Ali Cross

April Denton

Stephanie Alexander

Liz Fichera

Misery of Me is in there...

In honor of this blog-awards season and the long autumn nights looming on the horizon, I am giving away a copy of the Tattered Souls Volume 2 anthology, which features my novelette Misery of Me. Beware: this lit horror collection of dark stories and even darker characters might not be suitable for impressionable youngsters.

Here are the giveaway specifics:

  1. You MUST follow me on Twitter
  2. You MUST subscribe to my blog
  3. You MUST leave a comment with a valid email address

The lucky winner will be drawn on Monday, October 3rd, at noon, Montreal time. This giveaway is open to international participants, and I will check if all rules have been applied.

Good luck and have a lovely blog-hopping dayJ

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