Minions of Misery Award

My Gothsis Angela Addams and I decided to come up with a Goth award of our own (with the help of many Twitter friends, I should say), so here I present to you: the Minions of Misery Award.

The recipient of this distinction shall admit one dark secret, recommend one dark book and suggest one dark film to their readers—and pass on the MoMA to three deserving bloggers who appreciate a good dose of doom and gloom.

As a co-founder of this prestigious gift, here are my answers:

Dark Secret. I don’t want children because I think the world is rotten and people are pigs. I believe I’ll see WWIII before I die and could never rest in peace knowing my mini-me(s?) out there would be fighting for his/her/their/its life. It’s a shame, I love (well-behaved, cute and intelligent) kids and would have been a great mom.

Dark Film. Jane Eyre (1996). So gothic and creepy and moody, a small part of me dies every time I watch it – which is at least twice a year. Charlotte Gainsbourg and William Hurt are such brilliant actors, they bring to life the dark curse that is true love.

Dark Book. White Noise by Dan Delillo. Only recently have I been made aware of this writer’s dark prose and even darker mind. We share a lot, Delillo and I: We believe the world will end soon and there’s nothing we can do about it; whatever we do, we are doomed by those who surround us; and our society is built on crap.

And here are my nominees for the Minions of Misery Award, good friends and great Goths: Colin F Barnes , Imran Siddiq , and Aheïla

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