The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been very lucky to meet amazing people on the Kelley Armstrong forum, and two guys from that very special group have given me this award. It’s my first time winning such a thing, so let me gush a little.

Ken McDaniel always answers my military questions with passion and pride; Gareth Wilson amazes me not only for reading so many books but for making me want to read them all too. Their blogs are time well spent.

Now, with my crown and scepter in hand, here are 7 things you probably don’t know about me…

1) During my film studies, which were spread over a 10 year period, from Cegep (a two year pre-university system only found in the province of Quebec) to my Master’s, I didn’t read one single novel, only those part of school requirements. I was immersed in films, making them and watching them. And since then, I’ve become a book junkie for all that time wasted.

2) I’m a vegetarian who wishes to be vegan, but my love of butter, cheese and ice cream prevents me from fulfilling my dream of saving as many animals as possible. I’ve sold my leather handbags and sworn off bacon, but milk products such as those listed above give me one more reason to live. Sorry, cows.

3) I’m a blusher, therefore I redden at cute guys and public comments aimed at me—and I can’t hide because I’m so tall. Such is my world.

4) I Am Earlybird. I eat early and go to bed early. Probably has to do with the fact that my dreams are better than real life. I’ve always been like that, especially in the summer – I love closing my eyes on the lighted sky.

My friend Caroz got starstrucked, which explains the blurry quality...

5) I have this disease called The Backstage Syndrome. The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Lalala Human Steps have been subject to my trespassing into the green room and have suffered minor attacks. Edouard Lock refused my marriage proposal with a polite bow, Trent Reznor cleverly stayed away from me at the Brixton Academy, but Robert Smith and Simon Gallup lived the Anne Experience as they both—very patiently—talked to me at Curiosa in 2004.

6) I hate flying and must take drugs at take off. I have this fear of being kept in a small-ish space with hundreds of people while having this great big nothing surround us. Yes, I am paradoxal. Could you pass the Xanax, please?

7) I’ve been writing horror stories for a while. I love horror movies, creepy music, gothic bands and scary books—but I faint at the sight of real blood. I’ll never be a vampire but could be the first anorexic zombie, if the apocalypse ever strikes.

This award keeps on giving! My two nominees are…

Anita Grace Howard is a writer with whom I share writing muses. Enjoy her blog, it’s as gorgeous as her writing.

Annie Neugebauer is a writer with an amazing blog, her poems make me envious of her great talent.

Enjoy, ladies!

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