I don’t know why, never really stopped to think about it since I guess the outcome would depress me, but I feel this rush when I see my name in print at the back of an anthology or in a magazine editorial. Pretty much like at the end of my films, where I signed this short moment in time as my own. My words, my worlds.

I first thought of Misery of Me about a year and a half ago. I was reading another vampire book (a little obsession of mine called Let the Right One In by stellar author John Ajvide Lindqvist) when I got this idea for a heroine addict vampire falling for her suicidal blood bank. Catchy, right?

I checked out Duotrope (because who doesn’t, really?) and noticed Cutting Block Press actually wanted horror novelettes – a rare thing – they paid a fair rate, but asked specifically for no vampires… unless something different was explored. Well, I started to write down this story of need and want, of sadness and despair. Added a few dark twists and gloomy turns and sent it to my beta-friend.

Her favorite, by far. Strange, since we’d all ODed on fangs by this point. So after a few tweaks, off to them Texans. Couple months later, I received this email full of praise from the editor himself. Not only did I fall in love with this stranger who liked Misery, but little did I know he would provide me with the best editing experience I’ve ever had. Kind and sometimes heartless, encouraging and sweet and motivating—love at first word.

Does it get better? It does. I get to hold this anthology of amazing stories by creative writers, and my name is printed on its back. It travelled from my mind unto here, something tangible I can touch. I’m so proud of the anthology, so happy to be a part of it. This is how I get paid to write everyday, this feeling right here.

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