Dreamland and Nightmaretown

My best characters ever, my most original stories and clever plots, my unique world re-imaginings and crazy schemes, all come from my dreams. Does it lessen my quality as a writer? Can’t I find something interesting to say on my own? Do I need to dream a life that isn’t mine to write about it?

My dreams happen in my head through my subconscious flux – so I’m not less of a writer, more of an opportunist storyteller. How could I come up, on my own, with Calif the Scavenger’s semi-scary, semi-sexy smile? And how about Evoly, a girl conflicted between being Human and Goyle on her first day in Syrana, this Land in Abyss? The journalists’ implication in Rebel’s controlled society; waking up naked and amnesiac in a bathroom in Foresees; We Left at Night’s terror of leaving home and everything else behind.

Instead of letting my dreams go into oblivion and forgetting about those really good ideas, I grab onto them, shape them into stories, and make the best of my overworked imagination.

So go on, dream about nightmares.

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4 responses to “Dreamland and Nightmaretown

  • K.D.

    I am the same way. I haven’t been as good about keeping up with writing them down lately, but my best ideas came from my dreams.

    • Anne Michaud

      Hey KD! Only write down the good ideas – if you need a trick to remember them (like when you’re all cozy and don’t feel like moving out of bed) repeat the sum up of your idea 17 times. Yes, sounds crazy, but I’m always doing it because a) my memory sucks and b) it works! Happy writing:)

  • henriettamaddox

    Do you keep a dream diary? It really helps to retrieve them with as much information as possible. Really good post.

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